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My name is Sasha. I am a proud mother of a very talented rhythmic gymnast. We came to Canada only a few years ago. We found a great gymnastics school for our daughter so she could continue her training here. 

But spending hours in the gym training requires well made toe shoes. We simply could not find anything that will be durable and comfortable enough. Bad fabrics, inadequate stitching, very rough design,was all that we could choose from. 

That sparked an idea. We started designing the best toe shoe. Watching our daughter train daily made the process much faster, as we knew right away what works, and what does not!

We got to researching and testing fabrics, rubber bands and trying the cuts that would fit ideally a gymnast’s foot. We were consumed by the idea and went through dozens of prototypes within a year. Luckily, testing was easy! Our daughter would simply shake her head after a few turns. 

This is how our Harrita was born! The word spread quickly among professionals.It has quickly become a preferred favorite of competitive athletes. We have launched an online store to make the ordering process easier for our clients and always happy to see them come back.

We know firsthand how expensive things can get when it comes to recreational or competitive sports. We are parents of a gymnast ourselves! That is why we made it a point while sourcing the materials and production base to offer our toe shoe at an affordable price point and free shipping across the US and Canada.

Order a pair see yourself to see the Harrita difference!